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For Collecting and Donating

Hold a Theme Drive

Call the Food Pantry to determine items most currently in need. Choose one or more items or a category of items and host a drive based on those items. Past examples have included School Supplies drives, Holiday Foods drives and the Toilet Paper Pyramid drive where a goal was set to build a pyramid with the donated items.

Start a Competition

Challenge another similar organization (school, church, community group, neighborhood subdivision) to see who can collect the most money, number or items, or pounds of donations.

Remember the Off-Season

While donations are greatly appreciated year-round, your drive may get more focused attention from potential donors during late winter, spring or early fall when there is less competition from other charity drives. The need for pantry items is strong throughout the year, but donations tend to drop significantly after the holiday season.

Bring the Drive to the People

A great idea for neighborhood building, notify your neighbors of a specific date/time to leave donations near their front doors. Have volunteers pick-up the items using a truck, bus, or other larger vehicle to collect the items.

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